4 reasons why you are not creating loyal customers


Do you want to guarantee your clients are satisfied? Do you want your brand to be the absolute first choice? Get to know 4 reasons which are not allowing you to achieve these results.

Guaranteeing your costumer’s loyalty is an ongoing process. It is necessary to remind customers, in every interaction, the reason why they have preferred your business over others. But the truth is that this does not happen often, right? According to a study from the digital marketing company In Reality, only 15% of clients would accept to concede a second opportunity to a company after a bad experience. This data is the proof that clients are increasing its demand because of the large amount of information they have and the growing availability to change brands at the first sign of inconvenience. Check four of these problems:

  1. Poor Customer Experience – It is imperative that the different teams who ensure the quality of the customer experience work together. If the client support team does not adopt an adequate communication tone or is not able to answer to customer’s doubts and problems, claims are the next step. Beyond client support, the exact same situation could be seen at sale points if the treatment and the service they get in store does not appeal to customers. Additionally, you need to make sure your products/services’ price is right and represents an additional value to them. If you do not do this, your brand will not succeed. Followingly, take into account how and in which social networks your company will be present. If you do not match them with the personas you have established or do not present the right kind of content, this strategy will not have a positive impact when building an emotional relationship with the clients. Worry about all of these factors: a tiny failure can mean the most significant loss.
  2. Not using customer’s data – Today it is just not acceptable that companies don’t take advantage of customer’s data. Whether its them conceiving the data or brands collecting it, this kind of information should be used to personalize marketing campaigns, communications and to optimize customer’s experience. If the emails sent by your company do not differ according to the type of consumer, it is guaranteed that the majority of them will be ignored. By personalizing communications, you are showing customers that you know them and that they can count on you. On the other side, if you don´t use data to suggest products which may be of client’s interest, you need to start doing it! This applies to the experience optimization during buyer’s journey too. Once again, by doing this you are showing customers that your brand conveys their interests in the best way possible. They thank you by continuing to buy: more and with a smile on their face.
  3. Not listening to your customers – Feedback: what better way to improve your service and to create loyal customers than by supressing their necessities? If you don’t listen to your customers before, during and after their purchase, how do you plan to turn them into loyal customers? Consumers like to be listened to, mostly when their purpose is to make a claim. By hiding in these crucial moments, your brand shows itself as untrustworthy and not capable to answer to adversities. You should revert this tendency and show pro activeness by solving their problems.
  4. Not adopting a(n) (adequate) loyalty program – Customer Loyalty is guaranteed by the 3 factors mentioned before. However, adopting the right loyalty program is the final boost needed to ‘grab’ your customers and make them clients for life. If you have already adopted a program but have not seen the expected results, that is because the program was not created accordingly to the necessities and desires of your clients. You should take into account factors as the awards you make available, the easiness of accumulating points and in which platform your program is integrated. You should identify which awards interest the most to your customers or make all the categories available, including hotel overnights and flight motor reservations. Besides this, it is fundamental that you choose the right platform so that your customers frequently interact with the program and find it easy and practical to use. Digitalux advices you to use an app or website available to mobile devices. This way your clients can access the program wherever they are and whenever they want to.

If you keep doing these mistakes your brand will never be the absolute first choice. Listen, solve and thank to your clients. They will feel valued!

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