Unlock the Digital Potential of Your Company with Exclusive Support of €5,000

SME Packages Accelerates Your Company’s Growth

SME Packages Digital is a gateway to the digital world, offering personalized solutions to increase your company’s online visibility. This program, endorsed by the Chambre de Commerce , serves as a seal of credibility and trust, indicating that your company is at the forefront of digital innovation. With Digital SME Packages , the path to reaching new customers and markets has never been more accessible and effective.

Business Digitalization Guide in 6 Steps

Validation of Needs and Budget

Before proceeding, we validate your needs and set an appropriate budget to ensure your expectations are met.

Dossier Introduction

We start the process by presenting your dossier to the Chamber of Commerce or the Chamber of Trades, as appropriate, to obtain the necessary assistance and initiate legal procedures.

Grant Approval

After submitting your dossier, we await approval of the grant by SME Packages Digital, thus guaranteeing financial support for your digitization project.

Minimum Payment of €6650

With the grant approval, you make a minimum payment of €6,650 (excluding VAT) to initiate the development of your digital project.

Refund of €5000

Upon successful completion of the project, you will receive a refund of €5,000, provided by SME Packages Digital as part of the digitalization support program.

Your Company Active in the Digital World

With all procedures completed and the project implemented, your company will be fully active in the digital world, ready to seize online opportunities.

Guia de Digitalização Empresarial em 6 Passos

Validação de Necessidades e Orçamento

Antes de prosseguir, validamos suas necessidades e definimos um orçamento adequado para garantir que suas expectativas sejam atendidas.

Introdução do Dossiê

Iniciamos o processo apresentando seu dossiê à Chambre de Commerce ou à Chambre des Métiers, conforme apropriado, para obter a assistência necessária e iniciar os trâmites legais.

Aprovação da Subvenção

Após a apresentação do seu dossiê, aguardamos a aprovação da subvenção pela SME Packages Digital, garantindo assim o apoio financeiro para o seu projeto de digitalização.

Pagamento Mínimo de 6650€

Com a aprovação da subvenção, você realiza o pagamento mínimo de 6.650€ (sem IVA) para dar início ao desenvolvimento do seu projeto digital.

Reembolso de 5000€

Após a conclusão bem-sucedida do projeto, você receberá um reembolso de 5.000€, fornecido pela SME Packages Digital como parte do programa de apoio à digitalização.

A Sua Empresa Ativa no Mundo Digital

Com todos os trâmites concluídos e o projeto implementado, sua empresa estará totalmente ativa no mundo digital, pronta para aproveitar as oportunidades online.

Leverage Chambre de Commerce’s Expertise and In Digi’s Potential

With our expertise and the support of Chambre de Commerce , your digital transformation journey is in safe hands. Don’t let the opportunity to accelerate your growth and solidify your online presence pass you by. Let’s unlock the digital future of your business together.

Transforme Seu Negócio com Apoio Financeiro

A oportunidade de receber uma subvenção forfaitária de 5.000 € após a implementação bem-sucedida de seu pacote digital é um incentivo inestimável para qualquer empresa que busca fortalecer sua presença online.

Financial Incentive

Receive a €5,000 grant upon successful implementation of the digital package.

Operational Improvement

By taking advantage of this opportunity, your company will experience a significant improvement in its digital operations.

Commitment to Growth

Demonstrates support for business growth and strengthening the digital economy.

Transform Your Business with Financial Support

The opportunity to receive a €5,000 one-off grant following the successful implementation of your digital package is an invaluable incentive for any business looking to strengthen its online presence.

Efficient Investment

This financial support is a highly effective investment, maximizing the return on investment in digitalization.

Market Expansion

Open doors to new markets and customers, driving growth and success online.

Reduction of Financial Barriers

Financial support lowers the barrier to digitalization, making it more accessible for small and medium-sized companies.

Take advantage of the €5,000 Subsidy

Join us and be part of the digital revolution with confidence and financial support. Respond to our form to unlock the digital future of your business!