6 raisons d'investir dans le marketing numérique


Do you know why you must invest in digital marketing? Do you know the advantages you can get by implementing this strategy? Discover the 6 best reasons to do it.

Did you know 90% of consumers read online reviews before they consult a company (Bright Local data)? Did you know 84% of consumers trust as much in online reviews as in family and friends’ recommendations (Bright Local data)? Did you know 65% of consumers see online research as the most credible source of information when it comes to companies (Edelman data)?

Internet is an increasingly connecting link between people and brands. The fact that it’s so widespread and accessible to the majority of the public, through computers, smartphones and tablets, has forced companies to establish themselves in the online world so that they can present themselves in the most effective and competitive way possible. Discover the 6 best reasons to invest in digital marketing:

  1. Greater Visibility – With the increasingly autonomy of the buying process, due to the huge quantity of information available, it’s indispensable for a brand to be present in the search engine motors. If consumers search for solutions for all of their problems online, how can they find your solution if apparently it doesn’t exist? Adopt a SEO strategy to increase the visibility of your company in the search engine motors because this allows more potential customers to get to know you. The better your web positioning is, the more credible your company gets.
  2. Attract Customers and Increase Sales – If all the information about your brand is online and available to anyone, it’s certain that you’ll attract new customers and, consequently, you’ll register an increase in sales. After identifying your potential customers, you can implement an email marketing campaign, for instance, to send exclusive offers, promotions or news about your brand. By doing this, you’re creating new business opportunities and influencing consumers to buy more regularly.
  3. Give Credit to Your Brand – Many times, consumers’ goal is not to complete an immediate sale. They may only want to interact with your company first, study her and decide if, in fact, you have what he needs. In this case, if you don’t have a consolidated online presence it’s impossible to attract consumers who are not looking directly for your brand or influencing those who are indecisive whether they should buy or not. A good way of influencing them to buy is, of course, by giving her some credit. But how?

You can make this by adopting a content marketing strategy. By producing articles, podcasts, infographics, webinars or eBooks and posting them in your blog, you’re demonstrating consumers that your company is, in fact, specialist in your activity area. By following your posts, the most indecisive customers will be educated about the matter in question and, simultaneously, influenced to complete the buy because, under their eyes, they know the brand well and its qualities.

  • Reaching to Your Public – Digital marketing allows you to identify your business’ Personas and reach them in different ways. Otherwise, consumers would have to be the ones to find your brand in the offline world, something not advisable these days. That being said, you can, for instance, create advertisements for social media or create landing pages in which you convert your visitors and collect their personal data. Facebook Ads campaigns, for instance, allow you to define which customer profile you want to reach and this way you won’t lose any money with those not interested. Besides this, the fact that these advertisements and communications are personalized for a specific type of customer brings more effectiveness with less investment.
  • Monitor and Evaluate Results – This is one of the great advantages of digital marketing. Whilst in outbound marketing is hard to calculate the detailed results of the campaigns, inbound marketing allows you to monitor those campaigns in real time, adapt them and, in the end, evaluate its exact results. On the one side, if these actions have positive results, you should keep or increase your investment. On the other side, if the investment is higher than the gains you take out of it, you should change your strategy because you’re doing something wrong. Nevertheless, usually the cost of inbound marketing is much lower than traditional or outbound marketing (and with better and measurable results).
  • Loyalty – After getting customers to buy your products/services, digital marketing will help you build customer loyalty. You can and must try to build an emotional relationship with your clients, turning them into unconditional fans of your brand and engaging them. The best way to do this is through online interactions, whether it’s creating a loyalty program, an email marketing campaign, a newsletter or social media. Whilst loyalty programs should represent an unequivocal additional value for customers by offering them rewards, newsletters and email marketing allow you to communicate periodically with customers and present them special and exclusive offers which will make them feel privileged. When it comes to social media, stimulate a relationship that goes beyond commercial purposes and allows you to meet with customers where they spend most of their time: in the internet.

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